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              +40-(0)21-317 3004   |   sales.marketing@petrodesign.ro | ROMANIAN
              188宝金博送彩金, Design and Technical Consultancy for
              Oil Refining, Gas Processing, Chemical and Petro188金宝搏官网app Industry

              Design and 188宝金博送彩金 金宝搏188bet下载 Rendered since 1948.

              PETRODESIGN is organized to provide quality, on time, responsive, and competitively priced, multidiscipline consulting engineering, design, drafting, procurement and construction services for oil refining, 188金宝搏官网app and petro188金宝搏官网app industry, and related industrial sectors.

              HSEQ SYSTEM

              PETRODESIGN has been certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance for basic and detailed engineering, consultancy, technical support, procurement, environmental impact works and general contractor activities (turn key projects) for process plants in 188金宝搏官网app, petro188金宝搏官网app and oil & gas industries. For more details concerning Petrodesign’s certification, please visit Authorizations, Certifications and Recognitions.

              Why choose Petrodesign ?

              PETRODESIGN has the capability and talent to assist its clients in developing the basic ideas into workable plants, to translate concepts into practical solutions, which fit specific economic needs. From retrofit and replacement to totally new process, equipment and facility design, PETRODESIGN provides a full spectrum of services for design engineering and project management. Beginning with design concept and feasibility studies, PETRODESIGN provides specialized services for all phases of project development.


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